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I’ve been set free and without even a touch as soon as it came out it started to get hard and dribble cum. I can’t belive I’m still having trouble with night time hardons though.. Poor things going to get a hammering tonight.

Self control locking again

Lately I’ve found my mastubating a little out of control again, every morning, every night and sometime inbetween I felt the only way to control that urge is locking again so here we are back in a cage.

Locked again this time with even more piercings

I wish I had someone to control my temptation like my last master 😔.

I’m planning on a decent long lock so I may update later as I feel I may need my ureatha tube inserted to help me piss like a little girl sitting down and keep my cock alot cleaner while being locked 🔒

Back Into self locking

So it’s been a while but was starting to wank 3 or 4 times a day again and decided I really need to curb that habit,t

This time I have a added nut weight to help with ball stretching as well, I plan on a week from yesterday so will see how we go. I will give a more detailed story Tommorow

Balls being stretched while in chastity

Master demanded the number of sexual partners I have had

Todays check in was just that, the number of sexual partners I have had, I complied, its been a strange lock this time and been getting really horny while I’m asleep, must need to blow a big load

Happy Master

Today master left me right up untill 10 mins ago, he said he felt safe knowing my keys are frozen and I’m locked and secure, he requested the code 24601 to be displayed for his approval, before saying good night he told me there is no certian time frame for my lock and will allow relese when he thinks it’s appropriate.

I did find it rather awkward today, I mowed some lawns and it wasn’t the most pleasent but that discomfort reminded me how well I am pleasing master.

Master requests for today

So this morning master Required proof my keys were still frozen solid he wanted the date and time next to my frozen block of freedom, i gave him his request and headed off to work.

Now just a thought i never considered, but not the best idea to run around kicking a ball with a metal cage and tight fitting underwear ( used to stop me sounding like Santa’s sleigh rumbling down the street) was a little bit uncomfortable to say the least.

As I was driving home master Required another photo this time when I got home he wanted my balls placed ontop of the frozen bottle with my freedom keys inside it as proof I was being obedient. I asked about a unlock date and was told “Not yet confirmed. I’ll let you know” and maybe tommorow you should give me good enough reason why you should be unlocked and not made to finish off locktober😳

Short Lived Pleasure & Freedom, Locked Back Up

Master was satisfied with my self Pleasure, and thought i was a little bit greedy wanting another round this morning, ordered me to use a condom to take away the plesent feeling, and once your done you go back into lockdown.

He wanted me locked before i left for work and the date written on my cage.. He has not given me any indication of who long this time will be.

Then he wanted a supprise inspection, he messaged and said i had 1 minuite to respond and show him im locked. That was not awkward at all, sitting in a supermarket carpark, and people sitting in there car next to me😳. I was obedient and did as i was told, was rather affraid of what might happen if i didnt. The days not over yet but its 3pm so see what else happens later

UNLOCK DAY Excitment Levels Are Though The Roof

Wow its unlock day. And could not have come at a better time after the day i have had.. Forgot to charge my phone, woke up 2 hrs late, missed a meeting. Worked till 630pm😵.

I got home and the first thing i dod was run to the bench to check my keys and see if they were thawed and free.. Yes 😁. Messaged master asking if i could unlock and he said you may unlock and enjoy your night of freedom but you must toy and stretch your hole before you unlock, before i knew it i was in the shower and had the biggest ass plug stretching open my hole… Oh what a feeling of being so full.

I jumped out of the shower and took myself straight to bed were i unlocked my cock,, FREEDOM BABY.

There free.

Holly shit my cock feels so smooth and baby like, i havnt touched it for close to 200 plus hours now and it went from zero to rock had in about 5 seconds.

Keys in
Locks removed
My Cock Is Free
My Cock Is Free

It has been the most intence hard on i have held in my hand in for ever, its so nice to have my cock in my hand.

About 30 seconds into my wank and im ready to unload my nuts everywere but im holding back. 2 minutes into my stroking my cock is just leaking precum everywere.

Rock Hard

After about a hour of edging myself to the limit about 500 times i unloaded and had a leg shaking orgasim, my poor neighbours i couldnt hold back at all..

Its time for bed now and im gonna wake in the morning to stroke a quick load out before master messages and requires me to lock myself up again, he gave me no indication of time just that i should enjoy my freedom while it lasts 😳.