Toys & Chastity

So last night i decided to have a bath, allowing me a chance to give my locked cock a decent cleaning after my first full 96 hours of being locked up without and removal at all.

Going back to my earlier cage locking i was really struggling with over night hardons they would wake me up and cause so much pain i would have to unlock myself.. This has now changed with my metal cage and the first 3 night it woke me up with a hardon attempts but no pain and the cage stayed in place, & last night i wasnt even woken with hardon attempts so i am very pleased to be able yo stay locked fulltime now…

So back to the bath. While i was there cleaning myself i started to get aroused from the shower heads water jet, shooting into the cage and pulsing onto my cock head, i did consider unlocking and releasing but turned to plugging my hole instead and creating more sexual frustration and tension. This kept me lock up, and gave me sexual satisfaction in another form of stretching out my hole.

So whats everyones feelings and take on sexual satisfaction from anal play while having you cock locked into a cage, it is cheating because you are getting yourself off in another way?

Completly Comfortable For Complete Control

As you know it has been a hard journey trying to find a comfortable cage, after many plastic ones breaking while attempting to get a hard on while sleeping and the chafing causing skin breakage I finally obtained a metal one only to be disappointed with the fit, after some heavy modifications to the cage i have found the perfect medium and As you can see being heavily pierced in the scrotum area has its challenges at the least to say, but after all the blood, sweat, mods & tears the reward for it paying off is very satisfying. And the look of all the metal dominating my cock and balls it makes the look complete.

Its a very intimidating look for some and for others fascinating, maybe i will create a poll and see what everyone thinks of piercings and the cage together.

I am loving the look, the feel and the effectiveness of this set up, even in the middle of the night last night i was woken with 2 attempted hardons and this cage allowed me to ride them out, were as in the past the plastic ones have cracked under the load or have created so much pain i have had to remove them, this one stayed put, kept my cock soft and was overall comfortable. One happy locked up slut.

2ND Modification on Metal Cage

So today i decided to mod my metal cage even more this was to allow more room between the base ring and the cock cage part as i have ended up with major rubbing causing skin breakage because everything was so tight.

My ballsack is rather large and i habe alot of excess skin due to a large amount of stretching as well as having alot of piercings though it. The cage i brought im guessing from china ita made for rather small fitting men, with tight tiny ball sacks and small cocks. So i wanted to. Increse the distance between the base ring and the cage allowing a bit of give for my balls… As you can see by the locking tounge this is the 2nd amount i have cut away, that locking tounge was about 20mm longer than what it was and that part was pressing into the pelvis and the very top of my penis were it met the pelvis and was very uncomfortable.. As you can see below by the photos this was the 1st mod and cuttong i did. And marked out for the 2nd lot of cutting to inlarge that area even more

After 1st cut down this tounge was another 20mm longer

And this is it after trimming the 2nd lot away, as you can see the difference 5mm around the whole things makes

Tonight i will test fit again and see how much of a difference it makes. This has been modified so its more comfortable for long term wearing and locking. Also because of the heavy piercings i have it was making things very unbearable and im hoping this change will make a difference. I will update later tonight for you all

Just a cage update

A while ago i brought a couple of new cages from ali express, they were a really poor and uncomfortable fit to say the least, i loved the look and the way they looked when fitted but they were clearly made for someone with a smaller cock than mine and someone with no heavy piercings.

Today i decided to modfiy and cut some down the was causing a problem while fitting. After breaking my orignal Cb6000 and then my clear cage ( breaking the tabs of the security rings) it was time to make a metal one fit and more comfortable.

I think it turns out really well, it fits, its comfortable and it looks amazing combined with my piercings.

What do you think? Would love to hear your opinions and what you guys genuinely think.

Been a while, but im still locking myself down

Hi guys its been a very long time between posts here, but i wanted to fill you in on my current self chastity.

Pierced, locked, semi owned

To this day i am still force locking myself into chastity, this was a whole knew experience to me when i first started my blog, and it turned out after about a month my cock cage ended up breaking beyond repair. This caused a lapse in time were i was unable to lock myself up and old habbits returned, i was wanking my little bean up to 3 plus times a day for the duration of about 8-10 weeks were i was waiting for a new cage to arrive. Plus after have so much freedom it was a massive mental shift to remind myself why i was taking this self journey.

The past 3 months i have been locking from 3 to 7 days at a time, only unlocking myself to clean my penis and cage. I am uncircumcised and heavily pierced as well prince albert & apadravya both though the head of my penis and have found the longest i can go completly locked up is 2 days max other wise the smell becomes of stale urine not very nice. I have and considered a permanent tube inserted into my bladder so urinating becomes easy with my penis and cage not being exposed to urine at all, but will keep looking into that a little nore before i commit.

I have also found it really hard when you have to self commit and have been speaking to a friend who is going to keep me in check, i have asked them to message me though out the day demanding a photo to be sent within 2 mins of there message showing im cock is still locked up. If i can not provide them with this photo in the allocated time then i am to be punished how ever they see fit. This has caught me out once and i have been punished once already, made to a risky photo naked in public with a hugh plug in my ass over the bonnet of there car😕. This has taught me now that not only does someone else have control somewhat over my journey but is going to keep ensure i am keeping myself locked up. I am still setting time dates for release for myself at this stage, but have asked for full commitment from my friend for them to take complete control over my orgasim when and were and how, at this stage they are not 100% able to commit to this type of scene but are seriously considering it for me…

Punishment photo.

So things are going well still and i shall make sure i keep things updated here for everyone followling.

Driving to work

Day 11: 27th March 2021

Day 11: Well that was a intresting night last night, yes i mastabated, took me a while to get hard, i was rather supprised, i thought just removing my cage and a few strokes would make it rise, maybe it was a combination of being tired, horny, and consious of the fact my lockdown period starts again. Once she was hard it was hard, i decided to watch some home made porn of myself and ex lover, she was very very dominant over my ass, that was her vessel and she owned it, the brutal fistings i was given by her were completly insane😍.
But as i thought might happen i fell asleep with my cock in hand 🤣. I did wake some hour later movies still rolling cock leaking and it just went rock hard by its self so i thought why not. I continued were i left off, now as you read last night i amended my own deal with myself, the resson i did i never liked the taste of cum before, my ex use to make me taste her lovers seed after they had pleasured her or she use to collect my cum while fisting my ass and make me drink it much to my disagreement. I have always wanted to enjoy the taste but couldnt, so i thought using this opportunity i could force myself to, so my deal, eat every drop i squirted out and i will allow 2 days relief of my orignal time frame of chastising. I was very very hesitant as i could feel myself close to release, next second i feel i reach that point of no return we all know whats coming, the orgasim is intence, powerful squirt and contractions as my seed blows out the end of my cock and coats my tummy, i lay there cock still twitching, hot spunk all over my tummy, my mind racing, a conflicting decision playing though my head. I give in to my former partners demands and start to spoon my cum into my mouth😳🥄💦. Holly fuck i did not know i squirted out that much😔. I swallowed every drop, this side of my chastity is going to take a while to get use to.

Day 10: 26th March 2021

Day 10: D Day. 4am Woke up with a hardon, but was consious of my friend sleeping on the floor next to me😳. He was still asleep so i fondled and managed it and it went away, way uncomfortable though. Did manage to get back to sleep
640am Have woken up with the attempt of a hardon and layed there for 5 mins before asking mate if he wanted a coffee. Got up, made us a coffee, my balls alway end up really saggin in the mornings with all the heat from sleeping and moving around you can hear metal hitting plastic, i just didnt give a shit, i wounder what hes thinking, because it was dead quite, and he would have heard me walking around making coffee for us both 😁. Im pretty bloody horny today, i dont know if its the fact today i have allowed myself to remove my cage to mastabate or its the fact its been a week since release 🤔. I have a really busy day at work today, then pick up my son, he has lessons today as well and once his mom gets home its abouy 8pm by the time i manage to get home, plus going to sleep at 1am and up at 6am i might not make it to a stiff night🙄 or imagine falling asleep wanking 😳 ive done that before and woke up with a soft cock in my hands, would that count if that happened? Wow that would be the ultimate denial for self chastity 😮. I better choose wisely, i just decided to remove my cage to allow for a clean, geez these morning hardon attempts are brutal on plastic cages, i just noticed more cracks that were not there yesterday on the cock holder mounting plate😒 better fix those while its off. Im my opinion plastic cages seem only good for short term role play or someone that doesnt get hardon attempts, so far with my night stiffys i have split the base ring, repaired, split the top and bottom of the cock cage, repaired, and now split the base plate of the cock cage😳 im my opinion there not good for me wesring 24/7.
840am cock washed, cock cage repaired and refitted nice and snug, time to head out the door and start my day. I can not describe at the moment the internal happiness im feeling, knowing that 1 i have accomplished my full week in chastity without even cheating, 2 knowing that i can unlock my cock tonight and know its my day of release, 3 knowing that if i choose to i can not mastabate tonight and wait till tommorow if i choose to reward myself with my options i set earlier this week…

11am smooth day, allthough i did notice when i went to the toilet before my cage made a cracking sound, im picking it was the repair i did this morning. Im really hoping this cage will last at least another week till my new ones arrive, i would hate for itnto break beyond repair and being left with no cage on, i think i would kinda feel completly lost without it now.

130 pm finished early today now just going to relax chill and work out some finer details of my next confinement period.. Still in 2 minds about a release tonight, one side is saying do it you deserve it and the other side is saying you know you can last longer than a week pussy leave it on😳 gosh the internal struggle going on inside me head is also adding to the whole experience.

315 pm yeh im super randy😳, just jumped into a shower at my ex partners and when i got out thought i would lay on my old bed with my cock out for a photo, also tried a paid of her panties on for a photo as well, then had to take my son to swimming, walking around all the instructors and parents cock locked up made me excited and its going to push me over the top for my wank tonight now we are heading to a movie night out door with about 5 thousand other people, 🤔 minds racing who else is chastised with me tonight, i have found myself looking at alot more crotchs the past week seeing if i can locate a distinctive difference 🤣 surly im not the only..

10 30pm have finished up the movie, dropped my ex partner and child of and now at home. Ive been in the door 10 mins and i still havnt unlocked my cage im really in 2 minds about it still, i really wanna release but im also shattered, lack of sleep last night, worked, son and his swimming then a movie night and home 🤔 im gonna lay here for 15-20 mins and contemplate my choice 🤣

Cock In hand rock hard

11pm yeh my cock is in my hand😜😋 and fuck it is rock hard been woundering how hard im going to shoot and how much, i have amended my deal with myself and decided if i eat every drop of cum that i squirt out i will allow myself to remove 2 days of my original sentence 😮. Im going to go will fill you all in tommorow, i have cock In hand and gonna watch home made porn of when my ass was thrashed by my ex partner

Rock hard watching myself being thrashed

Day 9: 25th March 2021

Day 9: Yes it happened😕😑 Yes had to remove it, yes its refitted, its 730am and i refitted my cage i went to make a coffee and had no milk so went and layed back down in bed now im getting another hard on and the cage is staying on, i only have 1 more day till D Day. I have been toying with ideas for my next chastity time length, as of friday it will mark 1 week locked up, so my next chastity lock will be as follows.
If i unlock tommorow night Friday and release, then i only have to wait 10 days so Monday 5th April.
If i wait to unlock till Sarurday 27th March i only have to wait 7 days so Saturday 2nd April
If i mastabate Friday and Saturday morning i have to wait 14 days for my next release that would be Friday 9th April 😳.
I was kind of looking foward to a friday and Saturday wank combo this time around but at this stage i dont know what im going to do or if the dates i set are confirmed.

1030am I didnt even notice it this morning but after fitting my cage i have done the base ring up one notch tighter, its been alot more comfortable to this point, and keeps the cage closer to my body not allowing so much sag, that paires with tight underwear is making it feel like nothings there at all, the irratation i had there last night is not there now either, im starting to wounder if its the olive oil. Maybe ill revisit that this afternoon, who knows all in all a good start to the day.

Locked up at work

3pm been a alright day so far, i have had a few adjustments due to my base ring being tighter today and a little discomfort sitting in the car but all in all pretty happy, i was consious of my piercings rattling today around my work mate, but she was none the wiser, i can not belive only after 9 days of self chastity i am completly in love with my cock being locked up, it feels very strange now when i remove the cage for cleaning or discomfort and pain over night with hardons, i think im going to stay locked up for a very long time, And i know i keep repeating myself but i Enjoying not being able to even touch my penis, and its going to make my release days even more special. I would love ideas of what everyone else does for self release. Do you plan a special night, special porn, different way of wanking, so many things flooding my head at the moment and im only locked for 6 days so far.

7 pm just cooked dinner and had a friend messaged me whos working in town from out of town needs a place to stay tonight and asked if he could sleep here tonight, i said yes, its going to be so intresting as my place is a single room so i said he can use a camp stretcher, he has no idea i wear chastity and god i hope i dont get a boner in the middle of the night tonight things could be a little awkward 🤦‍♂️🤣. Kind of makes me excited and nervous as well knowing a mates gonna be staying here and im in full lock down, ive been getting morning stiffys every morning the past week 😳 oh god i hope i dont get embarrassed or end up doing something embarrassing tonight🤣. I can tell you right now, after the week being locked up, public nudity, toying my ass, having a friend staying im gonna shoot so hard, i can even feel my cock dribbling precum now.

10pm been playing darts with me mate and my piercings have been hitting my cage so noticeably 😳🎯. Kinda filthy and kinky at the same time.

Its now 1230am and going to sleep please no hardon tonight please ☺️😴

Showered before friends arrival
Showered before friends arrival

Day 8: 24th March 2021

Day 8 : 🥺 Whats up with these early morning hardons, i know that you get them to show things are working but when your trying to lock your cock up full time and you get woken this time at 5am and have to remove your cage, i kinda feel like im cheating my cause, i refuse to touch my cock when i unlock and i install my cage the second i wake up but i still feel somewhat cheated, maybe its because of the cage im using, cant wait till my new ones arrive, i seriously hope that sorts my problem out, to anyone reading this and are locked have you had this problem before? What sort of coping mechanisms did you use?. Its Wednesday today and im getting super excited about Friday night as well but i also have a small piece inside of me saying dont be a pussy and keep yourself lock up longer. In all honesty i think i will unlock to pleasure myself Friday i am new to this and as of Friday it would have been a week, this would have been at least 5 years since i had been a week without ejaculating, and probably the first time in 20 years its been a week since ive even touched my cock😳. I think ive done pretty well myself considering i have access to my keys and could break my own time when ever i wanted to but i havnt,

Its 8am now and im going to head to work, another busy day picking up some heavy large items with my work mate, so should be intresting, will check back in later.

11am been into the office, picked up my work mate, its funny sitting in my work right next to my work mate and she has no idea my cock is locked up and secure, we have arrived at our job and loaded what we needed into the van and on our way back. I have gone to adjust my self 2 time and she has looked down at my hand. I kinda didnt realise the bulge the head of the cage makes though my shorts🤣😳 i have caught a glimpse of her staring over at it, i dosnt realise it was so pronounced..

245pm noticed ive leaked some precum today could feel it in my cage, and about to walk though a school with a couple of hundred parents, makes me wounder who else is chastised? Is it that mum or that dad, maybe that teacher 🤔, you just never no right. Theres just something naughty about strutting around knowing your cock is locked and no one else does.

6pm today has been one of the more pleasurable days for being locked up, i just need to get these raging hardons while im asleep under control and i can see myself doing rather long session in a cage. Even if i cant get them under control at least have a cage that is comfortable to wear and controls my raging hard cock.

Self ownership and Dominance

830pm I washed myself tonight and and once out dried and applied olive oil and reinstated my cage, now its 10pm and my god talk about itchy my balls, mycock, everything, i wounder if its the olive oil? Maybe it could be all the dry skin from the first couple of days? I dont no but my god its itchy, maybe its time to just go to sleep. I was gonna say i hope I get a good sleep but recent history tells me im gonna get woken up with a bloody hardon🤔🤦‍♂️Help😂.

Day 7: 23rd March 2021

My first Full week locked

Day 7: My first full week in lockdown and i have only given myself a chance to mastabate 2 times, this is massive for me considering i would have normaly wanked at least 20 times over the past 7 days, thats a massive decrease in just my first week and to be honest im loving it also this morning was a wreck as well, 1am was woken with a hard on, i tried for at least 15 minutes this morning to stop it but it was no going away and had to remove the cage again, i am really hoping at least 1 of the 3 new ones i brought either stop my hardons or contain them in a mannor were its not painless but is comfortable, i know now the pain from this happening is coming from the base ring not being 1 piece. I also noticed last night the plastic cage im using is rather smooth but the cut out breather ports once your cock swells inside them pushes skin into those ports and they have a rather sharp edge 🤦‍♂️. Is there anyone else out there who goes though this? Is in chastity and gets hardons every night? Is this something that will go away over time and is only happeneing because im still new to this? Would love to hear from you.

Ive also noticed this morning these morning hardons have split the cock part of my cage at the base… I will need to repair now, thats how intence my morning stiffys are getting enough to split the join on my cage 😳. Thank fuck the 3 i ordered are all 1 piece metal cages there should be no room to get a hardon in the cage and the one piece ring behind my balls should have no sharp edges that rub away at my bare skin should only be discomfort from trying to get stiff.

Split at the seam

Its 1130am now and ive had a busy morning moving things around and lifting things, i can definitely feel my cage today, no discomfort just know its there, a couple of adjustments down there also have reminded me that my own penis is a no go zone untill friday. Is it friday yet🤣.

1pm been to the toilet had a adjustment feeling comfortable and happy, im excited about my new cages though, im a grower not a shower apparently, so flacid im about 2 inchs, the cages ive brought are between 45mm and 55mm so they are going to be a snug fit. I have also noticed that if not positioned right my cock cage and balls my large gauge piercings smash against the side of my cage and make a noticable banging, i hadnt picked up on it before today or maybe bothered to take any notice but after a trip to a local bakery walking back to my car i realised just how noisy it was😳, is this why i was being stared at on saturday when i went shopping? Just a random thought i would add, as i have many piercings as well. 🤔

Flacid Pierced
Heavy pierced & Hard

Its 330pm now and ive finished work for the day now im just relaxing naked and i love how my balls sag so much when in chastity its strange, ive used weights and stretching devices but they just naturally hang super low while being locked up. I also found my hollow full time anal plug as well so im thinking tonight i might shower and fit my plug later and see if i can do a over night cage plug combo… I also forgot to mention every morning when fitting my cage after a shower or after taking it off ive been using olive oil to fit my cage so all over my balls and cock, i think this has kept my skin nice and subtle and amazing looking. Just a random rant there,

6pm wow todays rambling are never ending, maybe this is the sexual frustration of not being able to touch or mastabate my cock. But i had a quick shower after work and fitted my hollow ass plug, over the last hour my pussy has managed to completly swallow the whole plug, and its a X L plug 😳 i can feel it in there rubbing and trying to milk my prostate but im limiting my movement at the moment, my cock is leaking precum like crazy and i just felt this amazing wet patch underneath me.. I sniffed it to make sure it wasnt wee and it had that seman smell. Im so fucking horny right now and i know i cant have access to my cock so im going to head to the shower again, remove my XL hollow plug and hopefully this satisfys my craving for now and gives me a distraction from my locked cock. 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️ i dont know but i need to try it, i still have 3 full complete days left after tonight before i will get to abuse my cock and trust me the way im feeling today abuse is going lightly i have this feeling im going to absolutely thrash it like it gasnt been thrashed before 😕.

Plug goes in, plug dissappears
Plug has gone.
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